Build on Sustainability

Staff Training and Development

The Group cares about the career development of its professional teams by providing training programs ,including civil engineering, building services, building structure, electricity engineering and safety training to develop and nurture the knowledge and experience of our staff.

Safety and International Management System

Quality control has been a major emphasis of the Group, its subsidiary Grand Tech employed a team of quality control engineers to carry out independent supervision of the quality of work involved in each project. To strengthen the quality control, we have engaged professional consultants and managed to obtain ISO 9001:2015. A high management standard has been obtained to accomplish quality construction projects.

The Group is committed to achieving a safe working environment. Grand Tech provides adequate and appropriate training for our staff. We also engage competent safety officers, who are responsible for advising the management and implementing all measures concerning safety. Complaints in respect of safety on site are promptly dealt with and all necessary measures are taken to improve the situation. Grand Tech is certified for the international management system
ISO 45001:2018. In addition, Grand Tech uses international occupational health and safety risk management strategies to raise staff health and safety awareness.


The Group is creating a sustainable development program to protect the earth’s resources by implementing environment friendly and energy safety systems. To reduce waste production, we will donate all reusable wastes such as tiles for recycling purpose. We have prudently used various raw materials to reduce the burden on the landfill. Grand Tech has obtained ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification and has successfully addressed effective environmental performance.