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January 2022
Grand Ming won multiple awards in Green Concert, working together to raise funds for the Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation

Grand Ming Group and Chan Cheung Mun Chung Charitable Fund have been supported “Green Concert” with Diamond Sponsor. We endeavor to work on charity as well as encourage colleagues to exercise.
“Starcatcher Championships”, the theme of this year Green Concert, advocates the belief of helping the children with Thalassaemia by playing trampoline. The concert raised fund for financial support for children’ treatments.
Colleagues supported the concept of integration of music, sports, charity and environmental protection. The activity is challenging and our team put efforts to train before competition. They got extraordinary results and have been awarded as Expeditious Team Champion at last.
Besides, our team had to capture a creative shot of them leaping and suspended in midair. The shot got the highest voting rate in the social media platform and our team won the award of “Star Collector Team”. It fully demonstrates our team spirit and creativity.
The activity is so meaningful and it provides opportunity to reinforce the value of working together to serve the community. It also fosters the habit of energy saving and exercising, and knowing more about environmental protection.

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