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5th August 2018
Grand Tech built "Infinity’s Wing" for Hopeland School

Grand Tech, a subsidiary of the Gard Ming Group, fully supported Hopeland School to build a new campus tree house "Infinity’s Wing”.

Designed by architecture students of the Tsinghua University, "Infinity’s Wing" is an "infinite" symbol that overlaps with numerous bamboo layers, showing the beauty and creativity of architecture. Grand Tech’s volunteer team provided the professional skill of the structure of the tree house. We were responsible for the construction of this tree house as well as encouraging students to acquire knowledge through the natural environment.

Hopeland School is an extraordinary school which advocates children to learn from nature. The campus is sited in Tai Long village on Lantau Island in order to create a simple and smooth learning environment away from city and entertainment. Encourage students to develop more comprehensively in terms of conduct, knowledge and skills.

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